Auto Salon Works
Auto Salon Works
Specializing in Paint Correction and Ceramic Coatings

Specializing in

Paint Correction and

Ceramic Coating in

the San Francisco

Bay Area


Exterior Detailing


  • Buff and Seal or Shine

  • Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating

  • Wheel cleaning - faces and barrels

Paint correction

  • Leveling of paint defects such as deep scratches, holograms, scuffs, marring, and swirl marks


  • $70/hour

*Not available: Mobile details, full interior details, detailing full size SUVs and full size trucks.*


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Details and Inspections by appointment only.

Porsche 911

Paint Correction and

Ceramic Pro package


Challenging the status quo

Located in the San Francisco bay area on the peninsula side and established since February 2012. 

I challenge the status quo of how your vehicle should look,
specializing in paint correction, restoration, and protection with ceramic coating, sealant or wax.

Contact ASW to schedule your detail. Details by appointment only.

About me


As an entrepreneur, I am results driven and look for creating solutions in life. My start as an entrepreneur began at 17 as a mobile DJ working with my dad.

"People don't know what they want until they know what they can have...and they don't know what they can have until you make it available to them."

I used to work in the corporate world in the semiconductor industry for several years. Shooting for excellence in my work is my standard that you will see in my portfolio. In the past, I have worked in and out of the automotive industry for almost 10+ years dealing with aftermarket performance and modifications. 

My detailing expertise comes from the mentorship of Kevin Brown. He's one of the top three detailers teaching others the proper steps and techniques for high level detailing.

I like taking pictures when I am out and about as one of my hobbies, eating good food, and getting good exercise all with my wife.

-Andrew Mijares

Yelp Reviews

 Neil S.

Andrew is fantastic! My black 911 had pretty beat up paintwork, swirls and scratches ... including an unfortunate encounter with a sunshade that blew up off the freeway. Dropped the car off with Andrew for a couple of days for polish/paint correction and Ceramic Pro. Couldn't believe it when I came to pick it up. The car was totally transformed and looked as good as the day I got it. I'll let the write up speak for itself.

Mike J.

Andrew worked a miracle on my Tesla S. I had several cheaper options for the Ceramic Pro application but I am convinced that no one can do the paint prep/restoration like Andrew.  The results are awesome.  This man has the experience, skills, and is willing to do the hard work to make your vehicle look amazing!

Tom Q.

I purchased a 2013 SL550 lease return from a local dealer who had sent the vehicle out to be "detailed" before offering it up for sale.  The detail job was amateurish at best.  They left wax residue around the hood and doorsills, scuffs and stains on the door panels, etc.  Basically they just ran it through a car wash and applied a quick coat of wax - which they didn't bother to completely remove and buff.The car was 3 years old and while in good condition, the paint was showing its age. I brought it to Andrew for paint correction and Opti Gloss Coat.  All I can say is WOW!…

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