It's JDM Monday

Subject: Travis’s 2019 Acura NSX

New Car Detail Clean up

Note: NSX needs a clean up of some scratches and water spots while the paint is still curing. The last step is a IPA wipedown and there isn’t any paint protection as Acura states that the paint needs 60 days after assembly. PPF and Ceramic Coating will be added in a later date. Expect to see it back with me for a full paint correction.


  • Washed

  • Adhesive residue removed

  • Exterior - lightly polished

  • Wheels cleaned

  • Tires dressed

  • Diffuser and grills cleaned

Can you guess the happy face car?

Bath time

Here is why the car is here. On the bonnet, bird poop and an attempt clean up.


Full view

Fender before with some scratches and marring


Left hip with several issues

Lower hip issues

Pass Door with water spots and scratches

Deep scratch on the pass door

Scratch on the rear engine / trunk lid

Final pics

Every angle looks good!

American flag in the background and the NSX is now assembled in Ohio.

Some sweet stoppers on it. Tires are not dressed yet.