It's Ionic Tuesday

Subject: Jim’s ‘18 Tesla Model 3

Refresh Detail, Paint Correction and Ceramic Pro package

Note: Car was paint corrected and ceramic coated last year. It needs a refresh, some paint correction, and some areas need to be recoated after repair work at the body shop.

Ionic is a positive charge on iconic!


  • Washed and Decon

  • Wheels and Tires cleaned

  • Pass Side Doors, Rear Fender, Top of rear bumper and trunk lid: Coated

  • Windows cleaned

  • Tires dressed

Buffer trails and holograms gifts from the auto body shop.

Some on the bumper

Rear Door too

Some overspray to clean up on the ppf, windows, and chrome trims

Driver’s Door before


Rear door before


Left Hip before


Pass Door with swirls and the end of the buffer trails


Rear Door before with buffer trails


Buffer trails

More on the fender

Trunk Lid before


Lower corner of the Rear Bumper was wet sanded but not finished by the body shop

Final pics