MMM 3 Friday

Subject: Alex’s ‘08 BMW M3 in Sparkling Silver Metallic

Buff and Seal package


  • Washed and Decon

  • Wheels and Tires cleaned

  • Old Clear Bra removed

  • Exterior, Head and Tail lights, Mirrors, Windows, Moonroof, Black trims: Sealed

  • Windows, mirrors, moonroof glass - polished removing water spots and cleaned

  • Tires dressed

I started with clear bra removal and not the wash but I think that this is a better picture

Clear bra removal on the partial hood, fenders and front bumper is where I started

I’m not a fan of removing old ppf film but only if it came off in big pieces like this with no residue.

Some residue clean up

Lots of water spots to deal with

Hood before with some issues


Scuff on the roof to fix

Starting to tackle the water spots on the moonroof first


Side windows next


Fender before


Light swirls and scratches all around and tough to capture with this color

Door after

Door pillars before


More trim to fix

Most of the spots have been removed but they’re not perfect

A V8 lives in here

After everything is done

Clean glass

Sweet steering wheel

An awesome office - alcantara wheel, 3 pedals, and a manual transmission