City Drive Wednesday

Subject: Jim’s ‘19 Toyota Prius C in Magnetic Grey Metallic

Paint Correction and Opti Gloss Coat package


  • Washed and Decon

  • Wheels and Tires cleaned

  • Tree sap removed

  • Exterior, Head and Tail lights, Mirrors, Door sills, Black trims: Coated

  • Windows cleaned

  • Tires dressed

I forgot to take a before shot of the whole vehicle. This car is pretty small.

This little hatch has some significant differences from the last generation.

Scratches on the A-Pillar

Scratches above the fuel lid

Hood with some marring


Fender after

Driver’s door with light scratches


Rear Door before

Deeper scratches on this door

Left Hip after

Rear Hatch after

Roof after

After everything is done

This car needs a 300hp engine with AWD and some wheels to be a cool rally car!