Welcome Matte Monday

Subject: Evan’s 2019 BMW M3 CS in Frozen Blue

Wash and Matte Shine package


  • Washed and Decon

  • Wheels and Tires cleaned

  • Tire residue clean up

  • Bug clean up

  • Full Exterior minus door handles, Headlights, Mirrors, Carbon bits: PPF

  • Windows cleaned

My client finished a track day the day before. I already gave the car its first two washes to figure out which way to go with protection. A couple of months later with bad weather, busy schedules and PPF installed, it is back with me to take pics.

Almost every single area is covered with PPF.

When the matte paint gets wet, it transform into the gloss blue color.

Looking better

Tire/ Rubber residue - pretty typical to see on the car when driving on the track

Using a matte detailer to clean the rubber marks


It’s not rainy but it’s not sunny either.

Every angle is a stunner on this car!

Carboon splitter

Carbon trunk spoiler

Carbon diffuser. That’s all for now.