Bavarian Motoring Thursday

Subject: Mike’s Bmw 535i in Carbon Black Metallic

Paint Correction and Ceramic Pro Silver package


  • Washed and Decon

  • Wheels and Tires cleaned

  • Overspray removal

  • Exterior, Head and Tail lights, Mirrors, Door sills, Moonroof: Coated

  • Windows cleaned

  • Exhaust tips cleaned

  • Water spots removed

The trunk was repaired and repainted along with some others areas getting sprayed too. Overspray and rotary buffer marks clean up are a must after a body shop works on it.

Water spots and scratches

More water spots to be removed

Some water spot etching and scratches all over. Hood before

Another hood angle


Full view


Fender before

After with a bokeh shot

Driver’s Door before



Water spots on the roof

Roof After

Mirror stains

Results from the auto body shop when the car received some rear end repair.

Another angle, slightly higher. This could also be the result of $200 polish jobs at the car wash shop.

Lots of time to correct with a hard clear coat. Close-up

Trunk Lid

Pass fender after

Deep scratch on the front pass door

After, minimized

Right Hip with lots of issues too

After lots of correction

Full view

Final pics

Sparkle sparkle