Yellow Ribbon Friday

Subject: Matt’s ‘03 Chevy Corvette Z06

Paint Correction and Ceramic Pro Silver package


  • Washed and Decon

  • Wheels, Calipers and Tires cleaned

  • Overspray removed

  • Paint Touch up

  • Exterior, Head and Tail lights, Mirrors, Door sills, Black trims: Coated

  • Windows cleaned

  • Exhaust Tips polished

One part of the decon stage with Iron X

Ready to get started in the O.R.

Hood before - it hurts my eyes

After round one. I did three to get them all

Fender before

Upper half done, lower not done

Door before

Roof before

B Pillar before

Left Hip before

Deep scratches on the curves of the hips and fenders


Lights and rear plate holder removed to clean the build up

Rear Bumper before


More Rear Bumper before


Trunk Lid before

Paint defects - many tough areas to fix up to the edges

Fender before


Grime build up before


50/50 Door and Fender. Door is next…

Underhood needs cleaning

Trunk channel needs overspray clean up

I think that I need more lights…hehe

Some shine on an overcast day

Tips polished

Front Bumper will be repainted soon. You can tell it was not matched properly

Big nose

Six speed manual office

I found some sun for this to shine